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How A University Gradute Struggles To Get a Job in Big City

On my way to Jakarata to attend a wedding party of my uncle's daughter I met Mr.Abbas. He was Suratman'Father, Suratman was my classmate when I was at Senior High School (SMA). Mr. Abbas told me that Suratman had stayed and worked for PT. Sun Wood Timber Industries in Jakarta after he completed his senior high school, then he gave me Suratman' phone number.
In the evening I arrived at Senen Train Station. My old friend, Surat (I called Him) pick me up there.
" You know I go to Jakarata to attend a wedding party of my uncle's daughter. The party its self will be held at aluxurious building near Kostrad Headquarter I said " Oh, I see", Surat nodded.
Shortly afterwards we rushed to my friend's house in Pondok Indah Elite Housing Complex, in the teracce of Surat'houss, there was there person discussing about their future seriously. They were Heri, Yanto and Sony.
Heri was the son of Surat's uncle.He went to Jakarata and stayed with me for a while before getting job. While yanto and sony were Heri's friends living at the boarding house nearby. All were university graduates.
"What are they doing here, Rat ?", I asked. "Uhm, One of them was working in my office for the time being Suratman explained. " You know it is not easy to find a good job with good salary here".
Though they graduated from a reputable university in this country, but it does not mean that it is for them to get a good position in an office or company. They had to star from the lowest level.
"Oh, I see", I added. I think it is normal. They have to fight for a good position in a company or an office.
The story below tells you how a university gradute struggles to get a job in Big city (Jakarta)
Sony was very lucky though she was not quite brilliant at campus, but his uncle had good position in the govermment. So, with the help of his uncle, he could become a govermment civil servant easily.
That experience above was different from that of yanto. He got S1 degree in indfustrial Engineering of a reputable university. He had sent fifteen letters of application to some private companies but he had not lucy yet.
In fact, there were two big companies offering him diffrent jobs. He. however, refused both because of the low salary and the place of the company outside Java.
"Yant, Do you want to apply for becoming a Govermment Civil Servant ?", asked Sony.
"No, I don't like it. To become a Govermment Civil Servant is the same as to become another " Oemar Bakri", a poor family", said Yanto " it is very difficult for me to build a house, buy a car, let alone to have villa in a cool area" he added
"Never I preffared to work for a forigen private company" , he said.
Meanwhile, Suratman who gradute from the faculty of Mechanical Engineering had worked for PT. Sugar Group Companies as Section Head Mechanical after he tried to get a job for five months.
"it's Ok. Whatever my job is, I will do my best for my company. It's easy for me to move to another company if there is a chance later", Suratman thanked God.

A. Answear the following questions.
1. Where did I meet my old friend ?
2. Who informed me about Suratman'life ?
3. Where did Suratman live ?
4. Was it easy for the university gradute to get job ?
5. Who worked in Mr. Suratman' office ?

B. Fill in the blanks with the suitable words below
gradute - headquarter - seriously - sent - attend
1. Mia : Will you........the meeting tomorrow Surat?
2. The problem of poverty should be................... overcome
3. The Recto correspondent got information from the National Army.............
4. How many letters have you................. to the companies ?
5. What school did you............. from ?

C. Make sentences using the words below
Number one is an example.
1. aplly for (v) : Zeni apply for a job in a bank
2. difficult (adj) :
3. different from (p. phr) :
4. become ( v) :
5. let alone (phr) :

Good luck..........!

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