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The Power Of A Shopping Mall

Read this text first, then answer these questions below

Today a shopping mall can be found in every city like Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Denpasar, Makasar, Jogjakarta, Semarang, Banjarmasin, and many others.

The shopping mall has become a magnet for everyone. it has attracted a lot of people to visitand have a look and maybe buy something they want. It can be used as a place recreation. They just want to relax. Or they just want to follow the latest mews of the latest computers, handphone, fashion, books, furniture and many more.
Since establishment the Shopping Mall, people surrounding th have changed their way life. They have to work hard day and night in order to be able to go shopping in it. Students, office workers, labors, traders and even beggars are strongly influenced. Student study hard in order to get their ambition. Office workers work hard in order to live in prosperity. Labor work overtime in order to live satisfactorily. Traders use the changing of people's way life to increase the profits of their businesses. And even beggars try to arise the sympathy of the people passing by. In addition, being a government civil servant has not become their goal. Working hard proves to be much better. Wasting time turn to be useless.
The shopping mall is powerful. it teaches the visitor how to live in a modern life, how to communicate with other people, how to live orderly, how the advance of technology has influemced their life, and many others.
Since then, a lot of people go shopping in the shopping mall. They seldom go to a traditional marjet anymore especially if they want to buy luxurious things. Though, the same thing with the same quality from a traditional market is sold high in the shopping mall but they feel satisfied and proud with their shopping bags from the shopping mall.

A. Answear the following questions.
1. Where can we find a shopping mall ?
2. What is another function of a shopping mall ?
3. Who were influenced by the shopping mall ?
4. How do you know that the shopping is powerful ?
5. Why do people go shopping in the shopping mall ?

B. Fill the blanks with suitable words below
beggars - goal - quality - latest - in order to
1. I want to buy the.................handphone. Do you have one ?
2. The worker use their helmet.........protect their heads.
3. You may not be rude even to the.......................
4. What is the ....................... of this mission ?
5. This product has the same ..................... as that one.

writen by Slamet Riyanto and Ahmad S

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