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A Presidential Candidate Debate

Hi all, Frirst and foremost I wolud like thank to god forgiving me health, and no I never forget thank to all kids in paud al mudawamah or Himpaudi Kec. Jayakerta, Hi guys.... are you Ok ? and also thank to all people I have ever seen, right ..... this 3rd text for you are student at al mudwamah.

Last night there were three persons Ferdy, Badrun and Candra, talking about a Presidential Candidate Debate at the guard post.
"What is meant a Presidential Candidate Debate ?", asked Candra. "Well, a Presidential Candidate Debate is open debate for a Presidential candidate. it is a debatae that is held before presidential candidate are running for presidentcy. It is done before the voters vote their President and Vice President", Ferdy explained.
But, " Is a Presidential Candidate Debate necessary for us ? ", Candra asked again.
" Of course. It is very necessary for our country as democratic state. You know taht the main aim of this debate is to help the voters to decide which presidential candidate to elect. It is a good media for the people to know and understand their coming leader", answered Ferdy.
" How often does our country hold a direct general election ", Badrun interrupted.
" In fact, it is the first time for, Indonesia to hold such a debate since we proclaimed our independence in 1945. And it is proved that we can. We can run this big event successfully," Candra answered.
The direct general election and direct presidential election were over. A lot of observers either from indonesia or even foreign observers from America, Europe, Asia and Australia were satisfied and admired of what our country had just accomplished. They said that Indonesia was one of the biggest new democratic sates in the world.
"It means that we are able to run a complicated general election.It is unbelievable that we can do such a big event. Fancy that we have thousnds of islands and hundreds of tribes and languages," Badrun remarked.
Since then , some foreign leaders have visited and met the new President and Vice President to congratulate on the success of the general election. And they also hope to cooperate between the two countries based on the same right.

A. Answer the following questions.
1. Where did they talk about a Presidential Candidate Debate ?
2. Did All Votes use the rights to vote ?
3. What is the purpose of a Presidential Candidate Debate ?
4. How often did Indonesia hold a Presidential Election directly ?
5. When was the Presidential Candidate Debate talking place ?

B. Make sentences using the words below.
1. Held (v) :
2. Decide (v) :
3. People (n) :
4. Satisfied (adj) :
5. Event (n) :

writen by Slamet Riyanto

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